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Mary & Robert’s Gray Gables Wedding Photography Photomontage

Enjoy a selection of favorites from Mary & Robert’s Gray Gables Wedding Photography Collection.

To learn more about Mary and Robert’s Story check out the his and her’s version below…

Robert’s Version:
Mary walked in to my life in March of 2013. I was sitting with a client at her house & Mary was coming over for some girl time after. She interjected herself in to the conversation quite quickly and was very opinionated. Immediately I was intrigued to meet such a strong willed woman; however, at the time dating was not on my mind, my business had the top priority. Over the summer I saw her and her son Blake a couple times at social events at our friend’s house. Months later her friend referred Mary for business and we met up. I learned right away that Mary was special and there was something else there.
Months later I got a message asking if I wanted to go out and not just talk about business. I said yes since I have never been forward with the ladies so was excited to go to dinner and get to learn more about this independent woman. However not the best at catching signals still asked during dinner if this was a date. Glad she had a great time and accepted the second date. After our second date, I knew that we would be together and it was going to be an amazing journey. Quickly began spending more of my time with Mary and getting a chance to bond with Blake. As our relationships grew stronger I wanted to make sure that it would last forever. I had made the decision already that I wanted to marry this girl.
I wanted to make sure that Mary would love and enjoy the moment I asked her to be my wife. I enlisted the help of some close friends to make our proposal a story to remember. The day before Halloween we were at a murder mystery party and you have to act your part. When you know the director you can change the script. Western Union delivered a special message from Blake in Act 1. I made sure to ask the man of the house permission and he wrote to Mary “Turn around Mom, i already said yes”. After a double take she saw me on bended knee and said YES! The story we will write from ever day forward will be ours and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mary’s Version:
March of 2013 was my first encounter with Robert. He was at my friend’s house on an appointment. I found him attractive but out of my league and a bit cocky; so I couldn’t help but banter with him and challenge him just to get a reaction (it was well worth it!).
Over that year I’d seen him at gatherings and spoke as acquaintances, and eventually became a client. The more often we spoke the more intrigued I got. There was more to him than what was on the surface and I was curious. Come Halloween, I was fighting my growing attraction and interest; I went as far as trying to introduce him to another woman to throw everyone off of my path. Thankfully he wasn’t interested.
Eventually, I asked him out on a date and found out that he was too good to be true! Excited and scared all at the same time, we continued to see each other for several months until eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend (February 15, 2014). I was so happy I couldn’t believe it.
A Year and 6 months later, I was still in shock that this amazing man was with me. He continued to surprise me, motivate and captivate me, and challenge me to grow each and every day. I can’t remember the moment I fell for him but i know I fell hard overnight. His kindness, compassion, honesty, loyalty, and values consume me. Every day I wake up grateful and reminding myself to love and appreciate everyday while it lasts. We joked and talked about marriage but I couldn’t believe it was a possibility.
Until, I woke up and finally accepted this man loves me and is here to stay.

Susan & Ken’s Gray Gables Estate Wedding Photography

Enjoy a selection of favorites from Susan & Ken’s Gray Gables Estate Wedding Photography collection.

Such joy radiated from not only the bride and groom but all their friends and family that day.  I think the bride’s thoughts radiate that same feeling as she was getting ready for her upcoming wedding…

“We make each other laugh. And cry. And both in good ways. If issues come up now, we work through them and come out better. He has my back and I have his. We are strong and loving and happy. He never listens to me (as I type that I hear him saying “What?” and then we both dissolve in laughter). It seems a miracle and yet completely natural. I can’t believe my good fortune, that I am getting ready to marry the man I love and planning an awesome party for the same day!

Sapphire and Aquamarine

Earth and Water

Susan and Ken”

Gray Gables Wedding Photography

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