Amy & Jason’s Jossy Farms Wedding Photography

Enjoy a few sneak peeks from Amy & Jason’s Jossy Farms Wedding Photography Collection.  This lovely couple celebrated their wedding day at Amy’s family farm, Jossy Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Such a beautiful place to celebrate with their friends and family!

Peach Farm Wedding PhotographyJossy Farms Wedding PhotograpyTractor and Sunset Wedding Photography

A little bit about Amy & Jason’s story:

“Amy’s sister Danielle is the one who introduced Jason and Amy. Danielle was tired of hearing about Amy’s dating woes at home and Jason’s at work, so decided an introduction was needed. One afternoon after work, Jason and Dani went for out for happy hour. A short while into the evening, Dani decided this was the time to put her plan into action and Amy showed up. Later that evening, Jason, deep into conversation with Amy, saw that this could be “the one” and was insistent on meeting again very soon. Little did Amy know this meant following her home to “make sure she got home safe.” To Jason’s credit, he misread some signals and thought he had been invited over. Upon arriving at Amy’s home and finding out that he was not invited, embarrassment does little to explain his feelings. With some quick thought and trusting her sisters judgment in people, Amy decided Jason wasn’t dangerous and the rest is history. “

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