Cyndie & Sean’s Gray Gables Wedding Photo Sneak Peek

Enjoy a couple sneak peek images from Cyndie and Sean’s Gray Gables Wedding Photo Collection.

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Portland Wedding Photography by Ambient Sky.

A little bit about Cyndie & Sean’s story from the bride…

“Sean and I met while hanging out at a mutual friend’s house in 1997. We were paired up, as group of us to were learning some swing dancing. We had an immediate connection however we were both quite shy. As we continue to run into each other at parties, concerts, and sporting events we became more than acquaintances, we were now friends. Sean got the nerve to ask me out in 2001. I was hesitant as I didn’t want to lose a good friend or make our inner circle of friends uncomfortable. Sean’s wit and charm won me over and we became a close couple after our first official date. Our relationship has always beed filled with love and laughter; including Sean pacifying me with occasional trips to Disneyland. Unfortunately we had a few rough patches over the years and officially call off our relationship in 2008. Even through our time apart, we were never really apart. Sean and I remained the closest of friends. Seeing movies, cooking on the weekends, and going to Shark’s games. The friendship was confusing everyone around us, and at times, confusing to ourselves. Sean changed everything in 2015, when he professed to me he no longer wanted to live a life without me. These were words I had waited over 15 years to hear. Through love and communication our relationship has never been so filled with comfort, devotion, and happiness. We are thrilled to start our next chapter as a married couple, an event almost 20 years in the making.”

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