Susan & Ken’s Gray Gables Estate Wedding Photography

Enjoy a selection of favorites from Susan & Ken’s Gray Gables Estate Wedding Photography collection.

Such joy radiated from not only the bride and groom but all their friends and family that day.  I think the bride’s thoughts radiate that same feeling as she was getting ready for her upcoming wedding…

“We make each other laugh. And cry. And both in good ways. If issues come up now, we work through them and come out better. He has my back and I have his. We are strong and loving and happy. He never listens to me (as I type that I hear him saying “What?” and then we both dissolve in laughter). It seems a miracle and yet completely natural. I can’t believe my good fortune, that I am getting ready to marry the man I love and planning an awesome party for the same day!

Sapphire and Aquamarine

Earth and Water

Susan and Ken”

Gray Gables Wedding Photography

M a i l i n g   L i s t
W e d d i n g   G u i d e