We’re Featured on Style Me Pretty!!! | Portland Wedding Video

We are so exited to be featured this weekend on Style Me Pretty.  They chose to feature not just one but two films of ours – Ali and Yasha’s Trailer and their Love Story!!

I love the advice they give to couples about the need for a wedding film!!

“Time’s have a’changed. No longer is it “if” you will have a filmmaker. It’s “who” it will be. When all is said and done and the magnificent day is over (happy tears and all), your wedding film will be your most cherished possession. Your filmmaker will have created a Wedding Story – starring you, your friends and family – your vows, the loving toasts, your promises of love forever and ever (amen)! Forget the decor. Forget the flowers (eeeeek – did I just say that!?) Your cinematographer will be recording those words of devotion, the very words that will carry you through a lifetime of happiness – in good times and in bad. We are passionate about a few things at Style Me Pretty – and hiring a cinematographer is one of those at the very top of our list. As Amanda at Ambient Sky says on their blog…. “… this is it… you don’t get any do-overs… “ It’s 2013 my friends. A wedding film is not an extra. It’s a requirement! PS… make sure you put Ambient Sky at the top of your list to get to know! Their film style will captivate you… we’re sure.”

Check out Ali & Yascha’s Trailer and Love Story below.  Enjoy!!

M a i l i n g   L i s t
W e d d i n g   G u i d e