Is this your full time profession?

Yes, it is! We’ve been telling visual stories for 15 years. We specialize in photography + wedding films and only work with a limited number of lucky couples each year. This allows us to deliver our couples a photography collection and/or film with the utmost of quality and professionalism. We want to truly be there for our couples and strongly believe that quality over quantity wins every single time.

Can we book both Photo and Video for our wedding or just one or the other?

Yes, yes and yes! You have the option to book both services or just one or the other giving you ultimate flexibility in choosing the right options for your wedding day.

What’s your shooting style for a wedding?

We believe your wedding day is one of the most significant days in your life. You will be surrounded by the most important people in your life and profess your love and commitment to the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with! With this in mind, we are passionate about giving you the best experience on your wedding day while creating beautiful heartfelt imagery for you to treasure for generations.

Our number one goal is for you to have the most amazing experience on your wedding day. For you to remember all the fun you had and relive all the those moments thru your photography and wedding film. If you are having the time of your life, we’re able to get genuine, timeless, epic imagery that becomes your priceless family heirlooms.

Delivering Peace of Mind - Reassurance - We firmly believe this is so important on your wedding day. You’ll enjoy peace of mind that your photographs and wedding film will capture the true essence of your day. But we’re not just there for you only on the wedding day, we’re there for you during the planning process, and after the wedding day to ensure you are taken care of!

We’ve got you covered! We understand the flow of the wedding day and we’re able to catch those little unplanned moments in an organic, candid way. It’s important to us to get to know your story so we can properly capture your day. It also allows you to get to know us more so on the wedding day, we’re just another friend with you throughout the day.

While taking your wedding day portraits, we prize efficiency to make the process as easy and smooth as possible so your family and friends never feel like it’s a chore. While we know it’s important to get wonderful heirloom family photos and wedding party photos, we want everyone to have a fun time getting them and we’re experts at achieving that. When you hire us, you’re hiring experienced professionals who know how to mange the wedding day seamlessly, get it done and capture your day just right.

With filmmaking, we direct and pose very little. While we have a very cinematic movie style approach to our wedding films, we're looking for the in between moments. The ones where we catch you giggling from something your fiancé just whispered in your ear, the flower girl acting so adorable, the epic moment of your first look and just the overall vibe of your wedding day. When it all comes down to it, we're looking to create a story that is genuine and authentic to you and your relationship. Think of us like another member of your wedding party you've known for as long as you can remember. We just happen to happily have cameras with us to capture it all!

How much does your wedding coverage cost?

Most couples invest between $3500 and $5000 on their Wedding Photography and Wedding Film Collections each. We do offer special incentives when you book both photography and videography with us.

There are certain situations in life where you will be happy to just pick a package and pay that price. We believe that your wedding day is not one of them. We know you deserve the time and attention from us to understand what you want in your wedding imagery and what is important to you. Then once we break it all down, together we will customize a collection for you encompassing what is most important to you!

Thru this process you won’t have to worry on your wedding day – You’ll enjoy peace of mind that your photographs and wedding film will capture the true essence of your day. Let’s get together to customize your wedding day collection!

Do you Travel?

Yes, we love to travel! If you’re looking to bring us with you for your destination wedding, just reach out and we can get to know each other and customize options for your big day.

Do you offer Engagement Photos?

Yes, we love working with our couples before the wedding day on their Engagement Session. This is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other more, for you to get comfortable with having your photo taken, and for us to see how you interact in your relationship authentically. We know that very few people feel super comfortable having their photos taken. We keep it fun and light with subtle posing cues to ensure you look your best. Our couples always comment after the session, how much fun it was and how easy it was as they were a bit nervous and unsure what to expect.

I keep hearing about heirloom artwork and albums, what are these?

We firmly believe in the power of the printed image. While digital files are great to have (and we provide them all from your wedding day), having a archival printed album that tells the story of your wedding day in such a beautiful way is your first family heirloom. It is so much more enjoyable then swiping thru on your device. The quality of artwork products that we provide for our couples is something that sets us apart from the sea of shoot and burn photographers out there. Imagine sitting down each anniversary to flip thru your wedding album. Or snuggling on the couch with your children and showing them the story of your wedding day, how it all began and letting them flip the pages, enjoying how you both looked “back in the day”. We love sharing this experience with our children and want all of our couples to enjoy their heirloom wedding album with their family and friends. Other artwork pieces that are best sellers are large wall canvases and prints. Coming home from a long day at work and walking in to see you artwork hanging over the fireplace or above your couch is a perfect way to bring you back to that perfect day.

How many images are delivered with a Wedding Photography Collection?

In most cases, couples receive 600-900 fully edited images often determined by the amount of wedding day coverage. In addition, all our collections include a beautiful heirloom album.

How long will our Wedding Film be?

Because no two couples are alike, we have many different options for the length of your wedding film. Your main feature Couture Wedding Film™ can be anywhere from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. Wedding Trailers are typically two minutes and Same Day Edits are about three minutes. We also offer Documentary Edits which are real time edits of the most important parts of the day - your full ceremony, full speeches, full first dance, full parent dances… you get the idea.

When you come in to meet with us we will watch lots of different sample films and talk thru which options are most appealing to you. Then we will customize a collection to fit your needs and the options that most resonate with you.

Do you offer additional films?

While we are most know for our movie style Couture Wedding Film™ (which every couple receives), we also provide Wedding Trailers and Documentary Edits (includes full ceremony, speeches and dances in their entirety). These are great additional add ons for couples wanting to see even more coverage from their wedding day.

Let’s get together to see what other additional services we provide!

Do we get to choose the music for our Wedding Film?

Music selection is vital to the tone of our wedding films and something we take very seriously. It's such a huge component to telling the story with emotion and we just know when we've selected the perfect score for a couples story. Because we value artist’s copyright, we purchase licenses for each individual track we decide to use in a film. This keeps our process entirely legal, professional and respectful of other artists works.

For these reasons, we do not allow song selection from our clients. We do however ask for your favorite genres of music and some of your favorite artists so we can match your films score to fit your style.

Can we purchase the RAQ footage?

Yes, it’s an option. However, we strongly encourage our couples to invest in our Documentary Edits instead, as they feature their entire ceremony, speeches and dances all in one beautifully produced film! RAW footage is seriously only useful to you if you are also a video professional and understand the post processing process to utilize the RAW video and audio files.

When will we receive our wedding photos or film?

By choosing to only take on a limited amount of weddings each year, this provides us with the opportunity to focus more of our time and attention to each couples story. This in turn allows us a great deal of creative freedom during the process of post production. We know that our couples are anxiously waiting to view their imagery (and believe us, we're so excited to deliver them to you). We publish a sneak peak of your wedding photos on our blog quickly after the day. And our Wedding Trailer Films are and option which are delivered a few weeks after your wedding day.

Full Wedding Photography Collections will be delivered in 8-12 weeks from the wedding date. Heirloom albums take about 3-4 weeks from your album design session and approval to arrive in the studio for pickup. Wedding films will generally be delivered 6-9 months from the wedding date. We take great pride in the fact that we will never rush ANY product out the door. Our galleries, artwork and films are all uniquely handcrafted with love, care and the utmost attention to detail. We know we are creating heirloom artwork that will stand the test of time and our couples appreciate the extra time up front to ensure they cherish their imagery for generations.

How far in advance do you typically book out?

Most couples reserve their date six to eighteen months in advance. We’ve also booked weddings weeks in advance. If the date is open, and we’re a good fit, we'll make it happen!

What type of gear do you use? Do you have a drone?

We shoot with an array of professional Canon cameras. We utilize top of the line lenses, professional audio equipment and a variety of stabilizers, gimbals, and mini dollies to provide only the most professional video footage we can.

Yes, we have a drone and love nothing more than capturing beautiful story elements from the skies. As long as the weather is good, your timeline permits and we're allowed to fly in the area of your wedding, we will!

Do you have insurance and backup equipment?

Heck yeah! We are a fully insured LLC business and have been for 15 years. We also always bring lots of backup equipment to ensure if technology decides to fail us, we are not going to fail you!

You seem like a perfect fit for us, how do we book you?

We're so super excited to hear that! The first step is to get together for a meeting if your local to the Portland Metro area, or a Skype call for our out of town clients. This is where we will get to know each other, talk about your wedding day plans and customize your Photography and/or Wedding Film Collection. Once you've chosen the options that are most important to you, we will secure your date with a contract and retainer. Then the fun begins!

We secure your wedding date with a 50% retainer (the remaining balance to be paid 30 days before the wedding date) and a signed contract from both parties. Once booked, we have you fill out our details paperwork 6 weeks before your wedding day and then schedule a meeting to go over all of your exciting wedding day details in person (or Skype if you’re out of town).