June 29, 2019

The Aerie at Eagle Landing Wedding Videography

Enjoy Ivy & Sunny’s Aerie at Eagle Landing wedding film! Happy Anniversary Ivy and Sunny. We loved sharing your wedding day celebration and feel so honored to create your wedding film and photography for you to enjoy for generations!  Scroll to the bottom to learn more about their fun story.

One of my favorite images from their wedding photography collection. Want to see their full album design? Check out the video slideshow from their epic wedding photography album design here!

Aerie at Eagle Landing Wedding

A little bit about their story from the groom…

“Ivy and I met through a meetup group back in 2014. We actually first met in January 2014, and we barely talked the first time! We went skiing together with a few friends, and then we just kind of went our separate ways for a while. Fate will have it then later in the year (around November) we started talking again, and we discovered that we actually have a lot in common ! We both have very similar values, similar background, make similar corny jokes, and most importantly we both love foods ! We started hanging out more just going to different restaurants, didn’t think much of it. We are splitting the checks every time and not dating at all by then yet. Then on one night, while we are texting each other late at night, I somehow decided to ask her to come out with me to the Georgetown waterfront and just hang out a bit since she claimed that she “could not sleep”. And she said yes, but don’t kidnap her! After assuring that she’s safe with me, I drove over to her house and picked her up, and she was practically still in her PJ, and both of us went over to the Georgetown waterfront, just talking more, enjoying the view, and I showed her some video of me playing guitar for my mom … and the rest is history :)”